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Can You Buy Visa Gift Cards At Target

**Target GiftCards are solely for use at Target stores and on Target GiftCards cannot be used to purchase any prepaid or specialty gift cards. If someone claims that you should pay them in Target GiftCards, please report it at ***Restrictions apply. RedCard 5% savings excludes: Target GiftCards, Stockpile & Gift of College cards; Visa, Mastercard, American Express Prepaid & gift cards.

can you buy visa gift cards at target

Hi, I don't normally shop at Target, but I received a $200 gift card for it last week. I was wondering if I could buy like an Amazon or Shell gift card with this? Or can I exchange the $200 gift card for 4 $50 target gift cards?

Target runs this deal every year and regular Target shoppers always get excited about the chance to save up to $50. You can load Target gift cards to your Target wallet and use them on your phone to pay in-store, which means they are very easy to use over time. A lot of people will find this worthwhile for personal use, particularly those who shop regularly and Target and/or are trying to, ahem, hit the target in terms of minimum spend for a new credit card welcome offer.

Another noteworthy exclusion is the purchase of Target gift cards. If you need to buy a gift card for someone else, you may as well purchase it with a different credit card in order to earn a few rewards.

"We are aware of the prevalence of gift card scams and take them very seriously. We have signs in our stores and share general safety tips with our team members so they can stay alert and help guests as best as they can at our registers. Our centralized cyber fraud and abuse team helps educate our team members about common scams and encourages them to look for guests purchasing high dollar amounts or large quantities of gift cards, or tampering with gift cards in stores. Guests who believe they have been victims of fraud should contact our guest relations team at 1-800-440-0680 and the team will work to find a solution."

If your gift card states Valid only in the United States on the front, your issuer has issued a Domestic Use Only card. Although your gift card will not be accepted at locations outside of the United States, it's welcome at millions of locations within the U.S. where Visa Debit cards are accepted.\n

If your gift card states Valid only in the United States on the front, your issuer has issued a Domestic Use Only card. Although your gift card will not be accepted at locations outside of the United States, it's welcome at millions of locations within the U.S. where Visa Debit cards are accepted.

Did you know that you can pay for your entire Disney vacation with Disney gift cards? Why would you want to do this? Because if you buy discount Disney gift cards, you are in essence saving money on your Disney vacation.

Yes, Target does accept returns on cards. Any unused gift cards can be returned for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. Additionally, Target will also accept returns on merchandise purchased with a gift card. Customers should contact their local store for detailed return policies and procedures. All returns require a valid proof of purchase, such as an original receipt or gift card.

Yes, you can return Target Sports Cards. Target has a generous return policy that allows you to return unopened sports cards within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. If the packaging is damaged, you may only receive a partial refund or an in-store gift card. If you are returning an opened pack of cards, you may be subject to a restocking fee. In addition, any cards that have been personalized or customized may not be returnable. Make sure to check the store return policy before purchasing to ensure you have the option to return cards if necessary.

\n \n","bonusValuation":" UP's Bonus Valuation*: $960\n \n\n \r\n","disableCardArtLink":false,"accordions":["title":"Why We Like This Card","html":"The Citi Premier\u00ae Card is an excellent option for anyone looking for an all-around travel rewards credit card. The card helps you earn points fast with great 3x bonus categories such as restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, airfare, and hotels. Plus, it offers access to airline and hotel transfer partners, doesn't charge foreign transaction fees, and has a reasonable annual fee!\n \n","title":"Pros & Cons","pros":"\r\n \t3x points at restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, airfare, and hotel purchases\r\n \tAccess to Citi transfer partners\r\n \tAnnual hotel credit\r\n \tNo foreign transaction fees\r\n\r\n ","cons":"\r\n \t$95 annual fee\r\n\r\n ","title":"Card Highlights","welcomeBonus":"\r\n \tEarn 60,000 bonus ThankYou\u00ae Points after you spend $4,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening\r\n \tEarn 3 Points per $1 spent at Restaurants and Supermarkets\r\n \tEarn 3 Points per $1 spent at Gas Stations, Air Travel and Hotels\r\n \tEarn 1 Point per $1 spent on all other purchases\r\n \tAnnual Hotel Savings Benefit\r\n \t60,000 ThankYou\u00ae Points are redeemable for $600 in gift cards when redeemed at\r\n \tNo expiration and no limit to the amount of points you can earn with this card\r\n \tNo Foreign Transaction Fees on purchases\r\n\r\n ","cardCategories":["id":107610,"text":"Credit Card Reviews","link":"\/credit-cards\/reviews\/","id":21,"text":"Best Travel Credit Cards","link":"\/credit-cards\/travel-rewards-credit-cards\/","id":55995,"text":"Best Welcome Bonus Offer Credit Cards","link":"\/credit-cards\/best-sign-up-bonuses\/"],"rewardsCenter":"Citi ThankYou Rewards\r\n\r\n ","financialSnapshot":["id":1,"text":"Foreign Transaction Fees: None"],"title":"More Reads","html":"Benefits of the Citi PremierAuthorized User Benefits of the Citi PremierChase Sapphire Preferred Card vs. Citi Premier Card [Detailed Comparison]Best Citi Credit CardsBest Credit Card Welcome Bonus OffersBest Travel Credit CardsBest Credit Cards for Groceries and SupermarketsBest Virtual Credit Cards"],"aprText":"20.74% - 28.74% Variable"}))Our favorite credit card for Target purchases is the Citi Premier card. In our experience, Mastercard is very generous about categorizing Target locations as grocery stores and supermarkets, which is a huge boon.

Yes. In addition to Discover, Target accepts all third-party credit cards, gift cards, gift certificates, mobile payments, Alipay (in select stores), Target RedCard, cash, debit/ATM cards, and EBT cards.

On the website and Target app, you can pay using the Target RedCard, third-party credit cards, third-party debit cards, Target GiftCard, third-party gift cards from American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard, Affirm, and PayPal.

The best personal credit cards for shopping at Target are the Citi Premier card, the Target RedCard, the Double Cash card, the Freedom Unlimited card, and the Capital One Venture card. The Amex Blue Cash Everyday card is great option for purchases.

I'm a little late to the party here, but Target won't do anything. I'm going through this right now. Essentially, they are saying it shows it was successfully activated when I purchased it, so the fact that it was already redeemed when I tried to redeem it is irrelevant since it was successfully purchased. Makes no sense. Consequently Target, and most retailers, are selling gift cards but can't guarantee them in any way; Target told me to call my police department or the FTC. Apple support pretty much said sorry, we can't help you either. At the end of the day, there's no one who is liable for gift cards and it's becoming a gamble when you buy them.

Nope. When a gift card is sold, any gift card... Apple, Amazon, restaurant, etc., it is activated at checkout by the cashier. If they fail to activate it correctly, it has no value. This is to ensure that someone can't just pocket a gift card at the big display and walk out with thousands of dollars worth of gift cards...

That's not entirely accurate KiltedTim. Yes the cashier has to activate it, if not activated properly, the gift card won't function as intended. However, that isnt was this discussion is about; people didn't buy gift cards only to get them home and discover they were never activated; they got them home and discovered the balances were stolen and registered to a different account, all while being properly sealed, with a trail to prove it; why would another user go to the trouble to put a used gift card back on the shelf and who would buy a man opened iTunes gift card. Your whole argument is kinda invalid. Scammers are getting more clever. In some cases, these scammers steal unactivated gift cards, copy the code that is exposed on the back without opening the gift card , put it back on the shelf and then once it's activated they are notified (how? I don't know, I'm a productive member of society and don't partake in such activities) at which point they are able to take the balance.

Should the retailer refund the stolen funds? In my opinion, yes. They sold the product. If I bought a defective electronic or a boxed furniture piece from target, they would refund my money. Ultimately, they are selling a product they can't guarantee and then won't stand behind. Apple gives you the illusion their gift cards are safe by being packaged when if fact they're not. If consumers are having a problem with a product, in this case Apple gift cards, then a retailer shouldn't offer them for sale, keep them locked up available by request only, or guarantee their effectiveness.

I just recently received an email from Target asking about my recent shopping trip accompanied by a survey. While my most recent trip wasn't the one where I purchased my already redeemed gift card, I took the opportunity to review that trip. I received a email from Target's management which stated they have been having an issue specifically with Apple's iTunes gift cards, and if I brought it into the store they would refund my money. I believe this is an oversight on Apple's behalf that needs correcting. I agree, it's headed for a lawsuit if this trend continues. 041b061a72


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