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Where To Buy Golf Clubs Near Me !!HOT!!

Pro Golf Discount has five convenient locations in Western Washington to serve your golf needs. We guarantee the lowest prices on golf equipment, all while providing award winning customer service. If you are looking to get fitted for some new clubs or just need a sleeve of balls, you gotta go to Pro! Be sure to checkout our Rewards Plus Program and earn up to 6% back! Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope to see you in the store soon.

where to buy golf clubs near me

Pro Golf Discount proudly offers a discount to those in the military (active duty or retired) of 10% on everything except clubs (including putters) and golf balls at 5%, however some manufacturer exclusions apply. See store for details.

Nevada Bob's has proudly been a Madison staple since 1990. Even more iconic than the store itself is our owner, Joel Zucker. If you live in the Madison area and play golf, you've probably heard Joel's name buzzing around town. And for good reason. Joel and his staff have built a strong community around this store, always guaranteeing the "best selection, always the best price", made even better with top-notch customer service. Why would you want to shop anywhere else for all your golfing needs? Don't live in the area? We'll happily ship to wherever you are. Just give us a call at the store.

Golf Club Brokers has been selling on eBay since 2006 with a 99.9% feedback rating and over 34,000 transactions. In addition, we have over 2700 verifed customer reviews on shopper approved with 4.9 out of 5 stars. We will do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with our service. We will gladly pay for return shipping your golf equipment if you are ever unsatisfied. Save your valuable time by selling your golf clubs to Golf Club Brokers and avoid the hassle and risk of selling on eBay or Craigslist. Quickly get back on the course with your new sticks.

Though not ideal, an indoor fitting can be effective, provided the fitter uses a launch monitor to track your shots and inform club adjustments. We feel the best way to get fit for clubs is outdoors, where the ball flight can be observed and tracked with launch monitor data. For you as a player, it's important to see the trajectory and shot shapes that you create, so that you can help your fitter make club adjustments that will produce the launch and ball flight that fits your eye and suits your game. We also strongly suggest hitting off real turf. The way the club interacts with the turf is a crucial consideration in club fitting - for fairway metals and hybrids, as well as your irons and wedges.

Looking for the right equipment for your game, but not sure where to start? Schedule an appointment with one of our product experts to see which golf balls and clubs will perform best for your game.

Despite this inherent frenzy of emotion, golf keeps me coming back for more. As soon as I picked up the sport I was hooked and wanted to immediately figure out how I could play better. After some research (and plenty of trial and error) I realized the best place to start was with the clubs I used. Not only did buying my own set allow me to avoid the awful clubhouse rentals but becoming familiar with them helped improve my score.

Finding the right clubs often comes down to personal experience and preference, but I outlined how each club and set of clubs below worked for my own personal style. I've also included more information on how to shop for golf clubs at the bottom of this guide. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches fitness and outdoors products.

My first set of golf clubs was an old set, but it had every club in it. It even had a 2-iron. And, for whatever reason, I loved using that club for a lot of different shots. A lot of people struggle with long irons, but my 2-iron was a go-to club for me as I was learning. (Just don't ask me about the rest of my game.)

Putters: The putter is the only club you should use while on the green. Some people also use putters from the fringe area around the green but it's not like other golf clubs, as the face is flat with no loft.

Wedgewood Golf is the leader in hybrid golf clubs. Our clubs are specifically designed for golfers that have trouble hitting traditional irons consistently. Here is how our innovative technology produces the best hybrids on the market.

A modern set of golf clubs typically consists of three woods (the 1-driver, 3, and 5), at least 1hybrid (3H) seven irons (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and PW), and a putter. This gives you a total oftwelve clubs. The rules of golf allow you to carry fourteen clubs in your bag, so many golfersadd another wedge or specialty hybrid. After all, the more tools we have in our toolbox, themore options you have to make doing your job easier!

What about 2 and 4 woods? These woods actually exist and werepopular 20 or more years ago, but they have fallen out of favor as newer technologies haveimproved the performance of woods. Today, most golfers prefer 7 and 9 woods in their bag (whichcan only have fourteen clubs) than a 2 or 4 wood. In fact, there is now a trend to includehigher numbered woods and eliminate the traditional low numbered irons in your set of golfclubs. That will be discussed in greater detail when we talk about irons.

What about hybrids? In the past 5 years a recent development that began over 10years ago has really caught on with pros and non-pros alike. Hybrids are acombination of a fairway wood head design and a iron length shaft. The long irons havetraditionally been the most difficult to hit. Evidence of this difficulty was best captured byLee Trevino, who said, "if you are ever caught on a golf course during a storm and areafraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron, not even God can hit a 1-iron." The idea is to givethe golfer a more forgiving option when compared to long irons, which are more difficult to hit.Hybrids are commonly touted as "the best of both worlds." The popularity of hybridshas been so strong in recent years that many golfers have decided to replace many of their 3 and4 irons with the hybrid clubs. An important factor is the distance that many hybrids offer whencompared to a typical 3 or 4 iron shot. You will also see golfers opt out from using 5 woods and7 woods, replacing those fairway woods with a #2 or #3 hybrid. It is important to remember thatwhile most manufacturers match the hybrid number to the corresponding iron number, the bestindicator of distance when looking at hybrids is the loft. Most 3 hybrids match up closely witha 3 iron in loft. Loft being equal, most hybrids will perform better with regards to distanceand forgiveness.

Wedges are extremely useful to your game and most golfers have a few of them. Wedges aregenerally designed as "blade clubs" because you are close enough to the green that thegame improvement design elements such as wide soles are less important. The need for increasedshot control and shot shaping, which blade design encourages, becomes the more importanttechnology for a good wedge design.

All of our staff members are knowledgeable golfers who can offer expert fitting advice, recommendations and outstanding customer service. We are constantly testing new equipment so we can provide you with the most accurate information and get you the clubs that will best suit your game.

Playing golf on your Phoenix/Scottsdale golf vacation is made easy and hassle free by Phoenix Golf Club Rentals by providing the highest quality clubs available, delivered to the location of your choice at the best prices in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area!

Our clubs are the highest quality rental clubs on the market, guaranteed. Our "Platinum" golf rental sets are NEW, "Gold" golf rental sets are > than 2.5 years old & "Silver" golf rental sets are > 4.5 years old. Our sets are consistently grinded, polished, grips cleaned and maintained on a weekly basis, thus providing our customers the highest quality golf rentals on the market.

Hi there I was wondering if anyone has heard of, they calaim to be the real deal operating from Sydney Australia, however I ask them to provide me with ta contact number, they said they only do emails. I ask abut the low prices, why that is, they said they buy directly from manufacturer and post to customer as a gift. Serial number , well they said when I get my clubs i can check to the serial numbers. This is a fake site and the prices are extremely cheap. If anyone else has had encounters with fake websites or other crooks please let us all know. We do want to save however not get shafted literally by these bastards.

Thank you for the post. I still use Ebay on golf items but instead of buying clubs, I started buying golf gift cards. I buy gift cards from Golfsmith & Golf Galaxy. Normally, I can buy gift cards for 10% to 15% off.

That annoyed us very much because we had gone to great trouble to supply you with the very latest golf clubs. You may be aware that Titlist could soon be launching its 714 irons for 2014. Guess what? We already have them. Yes I know you find that hard to believe but because we have a direct link to the Titlist factory we were able to secure a set on your behalf.

These are some of the easiest way to tell if the website is legit. Do they sell senior flex shafts?Is the price the same steel or graphite? Do they sell ALL brands of golf clubs? Do they have a phone number or mailing address? Do they ship by EMS and tell you the package will be marked as GIFT?

I just got the mp 52s by mizuno. They are the best clubs of anyone on my team( im a varsity golfer in hs). Many of the younger kids were talking about a place called and how one of our kids bought a RBZ driver by taylormade at a great price. Once it came we noticed it looked weird so we tested his against mine(I also have one) and it was like hitting small rock with the ball all I have to say it dont use

I took close inspection on many irons. the particular irons i looked at (Nike Golf- 2012 Machspeed X Irons 4-PW/AW Steel) were very poor quality clubs. The leathe work was not great, non straight lines and dodgy paint jobs. They appear to be counterfeit. Visit -golf-2012-machspeed-x-irons.html# to have a look for your self. 041b061a72


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