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What is the Hama USB RS-232 Serial Adapter 9-Pin and How Does It Work? A Simple Explanation

1. press windows + x to open the start menu.2. in the start menu, click control panel.3. in the control panel, click hardware and sound.4. in the hardware and sound window, click device manager.5. in the device manager window, click view devices.6. scroll down the list of devices and find the cable you are using for your adapter.7. click the device name and then click the details tab.8. click the properties button (the properties box appears), then click the driver tab.9. select the driver you need from the list of drivers.10. click ok to close the properties window.11. if the driver for your cable is not automatically installed or cannot be installed from a cd, you will need to identify the chip in your cable and locate the driver on the internet.12. once you have a driver for the cable, you will need to make sure the driver is installed on the computer you want to use with the cable. if the driver is not installed, use the driver installation application on the cd-rom or download it from the manufacturer's website. the driver installation application must be run as an administrator.13. click continue.14. in the what do you want to do with the driver? window, choose to install the driver and follow the instructions.15. click ok.16. restart the computer.17. once you have restarted the computer, follow the installation instructions in the next section to connect the cable to the usb port on the computer.

hama usb rs-232 serial adapter 9-pin

the usb serial adapter is a small black box containing a usb port, an rs232 interface and a 48 pin connector, which allows the cable to be connected to a pc through a usb port. the usb serial adapter is powered by the usb port and is a direct replacement for an rs232 interface. the digitus usb type c serial adapter provides a convenient solution for providing serial connectivity. a serial rs232 interface is no longer available on newer hardware, and the digitus usb type c serial adapter enables data exchange between a usb type c port on the computer and peripheral devices with a serial interface (com port, rs232), such as weather stations, sensors, mesh controls, set-top boxes, game consoles, pdas, scanners, peripherals, isdn adapters and many more. the usb type c serial adapter is backwards compatible with usb1.1 and enables adjustable baud rates between 75 bit and 128,000 bit per second. the individually configurable ftdi chipset offers compatibility of all common operating systems, power management as well as remote wake-up is also supported. the power is supplied via the usb connection, a separate power supply is not required. this text is machine translated.


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