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Where To Buy Diaper Bags

Parents need diaper bags that make their lives easier, not more difficult. Each bag I considered underwent a full and rather messy testing process. I loaded the same set of parenting essentials into each bag: two diapers, a pack of wipes, a formula dispenser, a bottle, water bottles for myself and my son, an assortment of toys, a wallet, my keys, gum, a first-aid kit, lip balm, my phone, AirPods, sunglasses, sunscreen, hand lotion, tissues, a receiving blanket, diapering essentials, teething medicine and three different types of snacks.

where to buy diaper bags

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I also packed a baby bottle of hot water in each bag, taking the temperature before and after two hours to determine the temperature variation after the time had elapsed. I spilled blueberry puree and water on each bag exterior and left them overnight. In the morning, I determined how difficult it was to clean and if the spills had left a mark. I also sprinkled crumbs from chips and Cheddar Bunnies into the bottom of the diaper bags to see how hard it was to remove them, because this is a scenario many a parent can relate to.

Overall, the Meta backpack diaper bag is perfect given its price, quality, ease of use and gender-neutral style. Because of this, I could see it being the only diaper bag a parent would ever need to purchase.

All in all, the main compartment offers more than ample space, which can be further expanded by releasing the exterior side straps (the Herschel diaper bag also does this). This takes the bag from a sort of squat square shape to an upside-down trapezoid. Although the Dagne Dover Indi bag can expand, the Béis still offers a bit more main compartment space. The Petunia Pickle Bottom Meta and Skip Hop Forma diaper bags feel a bit smaller than the Indi.

Between the features, aesthetic, durable construction and multiple use cases this Dagne Dover diaper bag provides, I felt that $215 was a steep but worthwhile splurge on a diaper bag that I might end up using as my daily bag while running errands.

Herschel Baby Strand Sprout Shoulder Bag: This is a minimalist bag with ample space and a superb changing mat that can be used as a diaper clutch. It was one of the few shoulder bags I tested; most others were backpacks. You can wear it crossbody or as a shoulder bag. However, the actual bag is 17 inches wide and just felt too big and unwieldy. I found it harder to access the contents of the bag with the strap in the way as well.

The best diaper bags will always rank high on the list of new-parent essentials, but good luck trying to find a stylish one on the internet without completely losing your mind. Between the bulky messenger bags and kitschy cross-body totes that are hardly baby-friendly, the rabbit hole of unsatisfying options is enough to leave even the most determined shopper scrambling.

This Canadian brand is favored by everyone from students to executives to parents. Why? The timeless designs are both stylish and functional. Take this sturdy diaper bag, which has multiple pockets on the inside and outside, plus an adjustable shoulder strap. It includes stroller attachments and a removable changing pad that perfectly matches the bag, too. Even better, the classic black color is so fashionable, you and your partner may fight over who gets to carry it. It measures 17 inches wide and 12 inches high and has a practical, satchel-like silhouette. Parents rave about just how much stuff they can fit in this bag.

A family-owned business, this boutique has affordable, quality products for little ones as well as pre- and postpartum moms. This shop was founded by a mama who suffered a loss, and then used it as inspiration to help others. If you happen to live near Frankenmuth, Michigan, you can visit their store in-person. In addition to diaper bags, you can find many necessities for feeding, diapering, clothing, teething, and healing for new moms. Among their diaper bag selection are backpacks, belt bags, wristlets and pouch inserts.

The La Mare Diaper Backpack is both pristine and practical. It's a modern lifestyle bag that you can wear anywhere. Confidently wear it to work, while traveling, and while on-the-go with your little one! Compromising your style should not be on the table. As a busy mom, you want a chic diaper backpack that has all of the bells & whistles to aid you throughout your busiest days.

This diaper bag has nearly 30,000 five-star reviews for a host of reasons, starting with its roomy interior, complete with multiple pockets including insulated pockets to maintain the temperature of your baby bottles. It also comes with a changing pad and has exterior pockets for your own must-haves. When you're toting that much, you'll also appreciate the thick, supportive shoulder straps.

Designed to carry a breast pump with all the accoutrements and gear for any office or outing. This 2-in-1 provisions breast pump backpack keeps all your essentials discretely at the ready. A generously-sized insulated lower compartment is ideal for pump, parts, and coolers. Plus, a padded tech compartment for your laptop and a trolley sleeve to attach to wheeled luggage makes this diaper bag commuter-approved.

Inside this roomy diaper bag, you'll find all kinds of clever design features to help keep your little one comfortable and happy. Look for a changing pad complete with a diaper and baby wipes pocket, an odor-proof pouch for those dirty ones, a teething ring, and a pacifier pouch.

If you're always on the go, you'll love that this bag is made of a sturdy canvas that's easy to wipe clean and can hold up to just about anything. You'll have no trouble keeping everything organized, either. The bag has all kinds of pockets and features, including a padded laptop pocket, insulated side pockets for bottles, a parent pocket for keys and the like, and a mesh diaper organizer.

It may be an expensive bag, but it's a great option for anyone looking for a luxury item. The real leather backpack looks like something anyone would carry, but has all the function of a diaper bag. Think: Eight pockets (including an insulated bottle pocket) for diapers, wipes and more, plus a changing mat.

Diaper bags come in all different styles. Depending on who will use the bag, you might opt for a more masculine or feminine look. If both parents plan to split parenting duties equally, there are a number of designer diaper bags made from leather or faux leather that provide a perfect gender-neutral look.

After more than a year of canceled travel plans and the necessity of staying at home a little bit more, new parents are looking for reasons to get out with their babies and showcase their stylish diaper bags this year. The trend of using your diaper bag as both a statement piece and a functional supply tote is refreshingly here and modern moms are embracing it. Shop our designer diaper bags now.

Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

I read plenty of Lily Jade reviews before I purchased my bag, but I never found much criticism of the bags. While I discovered that there are plenty of things I LOVE about my bag, there were also a few things that came as surprises.

And this is a huge reason why Lily Jade Diaper Bags were so appealing to me. Lily Jades are big gorgeous leather bags WITH a well-designed organizer insert inside that can be easily taken out and left in the car or with the babysitter. The perfect two-bag solution, but in one ultra-organized stylish leather bag.

As mentioned above, I wanted to write a well-balanced review of Lily Jade Diaper Bags. They are beautiful bags, but I hope this review provides you with the pros and cons that will help you decide if a Lily Jade Diaper Bag is right for you.

Lily Jade makes some beautiful diaper bags! Wearing this bag makes me feel miles more put together than even some of my pre-baby bags. I love the pretty design and the sparkling hardware of my bag. Even the changing mat is well-designed in the bright jade color.

Lily Jade carries a range of colors (including black, camel, gray, and pink) and styles from large backpacks and diaper bags to smaller bags. The Elizabeth bag that I own (now mostly discontinued) is a medium-sized bag in their line-up of bags.

I loved having plenty of space to keep all my diapering supplies separate from everything else in the bag. Even if you take the insert out, you still have lots of pockets to keep your bag organized.

In the early days of using my stroller with the infant carseat, the bag was also just a little large for stashing in the basket under our stroller. I always managed to make it fit, but it was close. Note: I refrain from placing my diaper bag on the stroller handles as heavy bags can cause safety issues when placed there.

Early on, I got used to my basic diaper bag backpack from Amazon. And that thing is surprisingly large. I would constantly overpack it and still manage to somehow stuff in extras at the last minute (first-time mom problems).

A big contributor to the space problem is unfortunately the organizer. It makes for a superbly organized bag, but it also takes up a healthy amount of diaper bag real estate on its own.

With a pricetag of around $300, I knew would have to get creative if I wanted to purchase a Lily Jade for my diaper bag of choice. Here are my top suggestions for how to save money on Lily Jade Diaper Bags:

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Our cleverly designed diaper bag backpack that works as both a super chic, spacious bag as well as a multi-functional diaper bag. This stylish diaper bag contains various pockets to provide you with easy access to all your diaper changing essentials. 041b061a72


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