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The Last Inn

The Inn at the Last Bridge was the last inn between Breeland (the Forsaken Inn), the Forsaken Lands and the Trollshaws, and Rivendell. In TA 1640-1650 it was owned and operated by the Grumm family. The regulars were mostly rugged local Hillmen of Rhudaur such as the farmer Grepp, but also other visitors could be met; for example the traders Goldang and Falen, or the minstrel Turlin, who were known travelers along the Men-i-Naugrim.

The Last Inn

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Within a few years, the inn was built. Krale built the inn to last, as he considered the vallenwoods to be the "last homes of Solace". After Krale, the inn saw a number of different owners through the next several hundred years, and by the time a young adventurer named Otik Sandath came along a decade or so before the War of the Lance, it was already run-down and in bad repair.

It's not just the fact that it's the last pub in England that makes Sennen's First and Last Inn so famous. The pub which has seen many stars pop in for a pint over the years is steeped in local history. 041b061a72


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