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Ditch Digger !!BETTER!!

FISSORE di Fissore Valerio e Ivano's MPL.590 Lateral Ditch Digger is ideal for creating and maintaining ditches by working in parallel with the tractor's axis at a fixed distance of 250 centimeters. The diameter of the rotor ranges from a minimum of 70 centimeters to a maximum of 1 meter, 20 centimeters. This model offers the possibility to adjust the working height to easily avoid obstacles. The hydraulic cylinder allows the machine to be positioned at the rear of the tractor to keep road space to a minimum.

Ditch Digger

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This is an area of BLM land on the North Fork of the Mokelumne River off Highway 26, just outside of Red Corral, California. Parts of the trail are un-maintained dirt roads, sections of which are rocky and washed out. The other part of the trail is in the abandoned flume or up on the levee alongside the ditch. Down in the ditch, the surface is soft, loose, loamy soil. Up on the levee, it is more hard-packed dirt. Riders can expect log and rock obstacles and some long, steep climbs. Making a loop and running it several times is guaranteed to give a great workout on some moderately technical riding. Run the loop multiple times with the stopwatch to see if you can improve your time. While there are some roads, most are very overgrown with brush, essentially making the area only accessible to motorcycles. Portions are solely single-track. One lap around the loop is approximately 4 miles.

The Upper and Lower Standard ditches were used to supply water to mining operations during the Gold Rush. The ride will take you past remnants of a portion of wooden flume that was used to get water across areas where the ditch could not be practically constructed. There is at least one old mining cabin in the area that is a short ride off the main loop.

George came up to me on the set one day during my first 'Star Wars' andsaid something that I never fully understood until after we were donefilming. He said, 'As an actor, you have to think of yourself as aditch digger.' . . . What he was implying was that on his movie, Ineeded to think of myself as a ditch digger, because it wasn't theproper arena for actual creative expression. This was his thing. It wasall very thought-out in his head, and I needed to show up to make hiswants a reality. And so really, what he was saying to me, was: 'Don'tlet this experience discourage you from what acting can really beabout, because that's not what this is.'


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