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I Want To Buy A Flip Phone

Firstly, exactly how feature-packed do you want it to be? You could buy an older flip phone for cheap, but newer ones come with useful services like WhatsApp, cameras and cool games that older ones do.

i want to buy a flip phone

Want to buy one of the best flip phones? Your choices are fairly limited, but there are some around (and more on offer every year). Clamshell-style folding phones had a big moment two decades ago, but in recent times haven't been as feature-packed as other smartphones. They were always cheaper, longer-lasting and easier to use, however. This means they're excellent for digital detoxes, or even for seniors who don't want a complex phone. While they're unlikely to compete with most of the best smartphones, they're still useful to complement or replace your mobile phone.

Those familiar with the cheapest flip phone of old will see some familiar names on this list, as a lot of big companies are still making clamshell devices for the multitude of buyers who still want them. Here, we've rounded up the best flip phones available right now, whatever your purpose may be. We have ranked them based on design, connectivity, features and value based on our own experience with them and customer reviews.

Researchers at San Francisco State University have found that smartphone addiction bears a striking resemblance to opioid dependency. Of the 135 students surveyed in the study, those who reported the most extensive use of their smartphones also experienced greater feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

Most are understandably hesitant to ditch their personal pocket computers for a remarkably less efficient replacement. It is difficult and often overwhelming to imagine life without the numerous benefits of a smartphone. Allow me to still your fears. I purchased a flip-phone in December 2017 after several months of hesitation, and have managed to survive.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that some inconveniences come with a flip-phone. The three-day battery life is nice, but ten minutes in a group chat and lithium is about to start leaking into my pocket.

Ironically, I have had much more free time since getting rid of the device that was supposedly designed to save time. Ever wanted to learn a new language but simply could not find the time? Well, a flip-phone provides little to no distraction and endless opportunity to learn a new language.

Smartphones may make our lives easier, and some may have their usage under control, but mine was destroying my attention span and ability to focus. Surrendering a little convenience for mental clarity was a trade I was happy to make. How much easier does life need to be, anyway?

Because I have a penchant for heavy-handedness, I severed my attachment to my smartphone with the swing of a hammer. I have had a flip-phone for about a year and a half now, and I have no intention of going back to the future.

Flip phones are compact, folding cellular devices that feature tactile buttons and simplified menus. In the past, flip phones only possessed basic features like calling and texting, but modern flip phones have incorporated voice commands, cameras, and internet access.

Additionally, as with any Jitterbug phone, the Flip2 has optional medical alert features. If you subscribe to a Lively Health and Safety package (starting at $19.99 per month), you can have access to monitoring agents, board-certified nurses, and even personal operators.

While the other flip phones on this list offer safety features, voice commands, or higher quality cameras, the Consumer Cellular Link II performs the basic duties of a phone at an unparalleled price point.

In terms of design, this phone features a small, external screen that displays the time and a larger internal screen that allows you to navigate its features. In terms of buttons, this phone uses a large, tactile keypad, and the buttons are also backlit in low lighting conditions. What impressed us most about this phone, however, was its sound quality. When making calls with this device, voices and sounds were consistently loud and clear. Additionally, it worked exceptionally well with hearing aids, due to its M4/T4 rating for hearing aid compatibility.

The battery of this phone also impressed us. In our tests, it lasted for nearly three weeks on standby and one week with heavy usage. The Alcatel GO FLIP 4 also gives you access to the KaiOS app store. Unlike other smartphones, which are confined to basic features, this phone allows you to download additional free apps for internet browsing, social media, and emails.

For those prone to dropping their phones, the Kyocera DuraXE Epic is the perfect solution. Though no larger than the average flip phone, this handset is drop-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof, making it virtually indestructible.

While the Nokia 2720 V Flip looks like your ordinary flip phone, it has a bevy of smart features that make it a highly advanced device. The V Flip has an app store, SOS features, and even a built-in Google virtual assistant.

By pressing the Google Assistant button on our home screen, we were able to accomplish a number of functions through voice commands. Making calls, browsing the internet, and even sending messages could all be accomplished solely by using our voice. Additionally, this phone gave us access to an app store where we could download popular programs like Facebook and WhatsApp.

The Z Flip goes far beyond just a flip phone. Samsung did an excellent job with this device. Apps, for example, can be split-screened, where the top half is video content and the bottom half is where you access the controls. You can also set it to stay open at any angle, turning it into a mini-laptop.

Parents today are very concerned about giving their children access to technology. Specifically, smartphones get a particularly bad rap. Many parents consider that giving their child a flip phone will protect them from the dangers that smartphones can pose. The truth is, it may not be better for your kids to have a flip phone and in some cases could be even worse.

One reason parents decide to give their child a flip phone is that they feel their child is too young to have a smartphone. They also want to make sure that their children are unable to access all of the apps that you can install with a smartphone. Unfortunately, modern flip phones are not quite as safe as people might think.

Flip phones are extremely basic. This is the main appeal for many parents. The devices still have access to the internet though, and as such, they have the capability to view YouTube videos, check social media websites and more. Sure the sites may be harder to pull up and harder to navigate, but teenagers can sure work hard at something when they want to.

The ability to monitor and restrict access to the device is an important part of teaching your children how to use technology responsibly. Without controls or app restrictions, your child could spend all day watching YouTube, or be communicating with someone on their flip phone and you would have no idea it was happening.

The best plan of attack is to skip the flip phone and get your child an Android phone that can be controlled. You can lock a smartphone down even more than you can a flip phone by creating settings and limits through a parental control app like Boomerang. Plus, who really wants to go back to T9 texting anyway?

It may be the best device but at the same time your child might become and introvert and not wanting to go out because they are afraid to use their flip phones in front of their friends who all have smart phones. I have seen children being brutally judged and made fun of because they have a flip phone; we have to also remember our kids are in a different generation.

In the early summer of last year, after I'd gone into a few stores that didn't have anything dumb enough, a T-Mobile rep located a Kyocera flip phone somewhere in their shop's back room. I don't think he had sold this model to someone under 60 before. Once he gave up trying to upsell me, he seemed amused. Even before the SIM card was in, flipping the new device open and closed brought back memories of how visceral, how tactile, it was to end calls with a snap. No more dabbing the screen with my thumb.

On the one hand, this had to do with the world shutting down; in the void created by the shutdowns, before any more substantive or interesting routines could establish themselves, the easy frictionless entertainments of the phone and other screens rushed in to stake their claim to my habits and time. On the other hand, I had to admit that my screen time had been higher than I would have liked for years. Statistics suggested that I wasn't alone in this. According to Statista, a consumer database company, 57% of Americans average five or more hours on their phone each day.

But before opting for anything so outlandish as rocking a flip phone in 2020s NYC, I first sought out more reasonable solutions. I downloaded an app that would pop an alert onto my screen once I'd gone over an hour per day. This worked for a couple of days, but once my reserves of determination had been depleted, the app lost all its power. Every 15 minutes, I would swipe away the warnings updating me on just how much I'd exceeded my limit.

By the evening of May 1, 2021, the transition was underway, and I said farewell to my various WhatsApp and Signal threads, sending along a video of me unboxing the new device, which yielded the expected OMG vibes and slack-jawed emojis. I'd joined a tribe that consists of those lacking tech savvy, those who don't want to pay for a data plan, and those deliberately rejecting one of the most alluring fruits of modern technology for one reason or another. A disparate tribe to be sure, which reportedly includes Rihanna, Aziz Ansari, Chuck Schumer, and, until recently, Warren Buffet ("It's the one Alexander Graham Bell gave me," he told Piers Morgan while burnishing his Nokia flip phone in an interview). 041b061a72


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