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Inazuma - Search Results

Now that the Sakoku Decree has finally ended, the island nation of Inazuma has officially opened its borders to the rest of Teyvat. Thanks to Genshin Impact's in-game events, we've already witnessed several unexpected foreigners visiting Inazuma, and the results were pure entertainment.

inazuma - search results

Naku Weed feeds off Electro energy, meaning it can be found in clusters near Grand Narukami Shrine and Tatarasuna. However, Seirei Island boasts an absolute abundance of Naku Weed, making it the best place to search.

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In chapter 48 of the HonoSuto! Gouenji no Hitorigoto manga, a fortuneteller notes that Gouenji has the habit to think a lot and to keep his feelings bottled up to not bother others. This, however, instead creates problems. She also notes that he's thoughtful but does not communicate well. Furthermore she notes that he does sometimes not say enough, which results in not being understood or not getting his feelings across.

In the following episode before the departure to Russia Gouenji met with Endou and Kidou at Steel Tower Plaza. He told that no matter what obstacles were waiting for them, they just had to play their real soccer. Gouenji was shocked when Kidou revealed that he wouldn't go with them and was going to stay to search new members for Inazuma Japan. But later he agreed that they still needed powerful players to strengthen the team and face the world.

In episode 25 during the match with Spain Gouenji was sitting on the bench. He was very surprised when Endou used his new technique Super God Hand against Clario's shot and wondered when he managed to practice it. However, this technique turned out no to be enough effective to block Clario's Diamond Ray. When Spain attacked again, Endou protected the goal after his Super God Hand evolved into Diamond Hand. Gouenji stated that this was just Endou, as usual, what he did went beyond human imagination. When the new strategy double block and triangle passes, invented by Nosaka and Ichihoshi, brought unexpected results, Japan gained the advantage on the field and the team was in possession of the ball all the time. Gouenji praised their idea with a smile. When Endou created Diamond Arm after only a few hints from Nishikage Seiya, Gouenji explained to everyone that it was just Endou Mamoru who had a natural soccer sense. When Luther Fandam and Bergamo Regult shot the third goal, Gouenji stated that Spain was analyzing them and even during the match they were still evolving, according to the data they gathered. Later he watched with tension Asuto, Nosaka and Haizaki shooting with Last Resort. Finally, Japan tied with Spain after Asuto decided to dribble through the field. As Gouenji stated Spain was considered as one of favorite in the FFI tournament so now when Japan managed to tie with them, they had a real chance to win. As for now, they should focus on leaving the group. 041b061a72


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