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Future Love

Futurelove gained lot of valuable experience on stage at an early age. At the age of 17 he became one of the founding members of the vibrant dance group IYASA, which toured with international success. His departure from the group after 9 years led him to Europe and eventually to Vienna (Austria), where he graduated at the renowned Vienna Conservatory.

Future Love

Futurelove has built up a following over the years, touring with big names such as Wolfgang Ambros, Willi Resetarits, Opus, Hans Theessink, award-winning acappella group Insigizi and Team Bulawayo in several countries across the world.

To these men love appears not as the sole and legitimate manifestation of life, as the reasonable consciousness conceives it to be, but only as one of the thousand different eventualities of life; as one of the thousand varied phases through which man passes during his existence.

Our self-harming delusions about the nature of love, Tolstoy argues, spring from our over-reliance on reason, which is invariably an imperfect faculty and can be led astray by our misbeliefs. (His compatriot Dostoyevsky had addressed this in a beautiful letter to his brother half a century earlier.) Tolstoy writes:

They are right in saying that one should not reason about love, and that all reasoning about love destroys it. But the point is, that only those people need not reason about love who have already used their reason to understand life and who have renounced the welfare of the individual existence; but those who have not understood life and who exist for the welfare of the animal individuality, cannot help reasoning about it. They must reason to be enabled to give themselves up to this feeling which they call love.

Tolstoy turns to the central paradox of reconciling our inherent solipsism with the ethos of universal love. (Twenty years later, he would explore these issues in his little-known correspondence with Gandhi, with whom Tolstoy shared a profound spiritual kinship.) He writes:

In reality every man prefers his own child, his wife, his friends, his country, to the children, wives, friends, and country of others, and he calls this feeling love. To love means in general to do good. It is thus that we all understand love, and we do not know how to comprehend it in any other way. Thus, when I love my child, my wife, my country, I mean that I desire the welfare of my child, wife, and country more than that of other children, women, and countries. It never happens, and can never happen, that I love my child, wife, or country only. Every man loves at the same time his child, wife, country, and men in general. Nevertheless the conditions of the welfare which he desires for the different beings loved, in virtue of his love, are so intimately connected, that every activity of love for one of the beings loved not only hinders his activity for the others but is detrimental to them.

The demands of love are so many, and they are all so closely interwoven, that the satisfaction of the demands of some deprives man of the possibility of satisfying others. But if I admit that I cannot clothe a child benumbed with cold, on the pretence that my children will one day need the clothes asked of me, I can also resist other demands of love in the name of my future children.

If a man decides that it is better for him to resist the demands of a present feeble love, in the name of another, of a future manifestation, he deceives either himself or other people, and loves no one but himself.

See also Eternal Sexual Freedom for when this is applied to real past societies, and Fetish-Fuel Future for the more general trope of "in the future, everyone will share/accept my personal sexual kinks" Author Appeal. This trope is also the logical future extension of the Everybody Has Lots of Sex setting. May involve or allow Exotic Extended Marriage. Contrast with No Sex Allowed.

  • Anime & Manga Played for Laughs and mock horror in My Monster Secret. Rin (Asahi's future grand-daughter) comes from a Bad Future where sluts and perverts rule the world, due to the actions of the Charismatic Pervert II. The resistance is comprised of the ten percent of men who are not masochists and the thirty percent of women who are not sadists.

  • Polyamorous incestuous marriages are the norm amongst Juraians in Tenchi Muyo!. The Marry Them All ending to the Tenchi Muyo! GXP spin off implies the rest of the galaxy is the same.

  • Live-Action TV Star Trek: Word of God says this is how things are in the Federation, whether or not it was actually seen onscreen. Relatedly, there is no sign that Starfleet has any rules against sexual relations between crewmates or people in the same chain of command.

  • Aside from the Federation, this was the Hat of Edo in The Next Generation and the Betazoids in the novels (who may not have worn clothing at all until their First Contact, and still perform weddings in the buff), to say nothing of Risa, which has varied from "classy resort planet" to "Space Vegas".

  • Deltans use sex as a means of communication and a daily part of life. Ilia in Star Trek: The Motion Picture refers to humans as a "sexually immature species" and has an Oath of Celibacy to work aboard a Starfleet ship. (Will had a relationship with her, however.)

  • Interestingly, the onscreen depictions mainly skew towards the idea of inter-species sexual relations being widely-accepted (at least in the Federation) so long as they involve the opposite-sex, but same-sex relations even within a species seem to be very, very rare. In the instances where such do appear, they are either connected to demonstrations of villainy or else aliens with different biology than humans.

  • Implied to be the case in the Mirror Universe in Star Trek: Discovery. The episode The Red Angel has Georgiou claiming to have had casual sex with its versions of Stamets and Culber when they're both monogamous gay men in the Prime Universe.

  • In the Red Dwarf episode "Holoship", the ship of advanced holograms regards sex as excellent physical exercise. They even have an entire deck devoted to it. The other holograms are very puzzled at the notion that you might "fall in love" and sideline your own agenda for the benefit of someone else; predictably, this is exactly what happens to Rimmer's entrance exam opponent. There's a reason for that. The crew of the Holoship are notoriously arrogant and all speak very coldly and professionally, even while having sex. Rimmer's passion for joining the crew ended up making him the most attractive man on that ship. One of the holograms says that humanity abandoned the concept of family in the 25th century when scientists proved that all psychological hang-ups are caused by parents.

  • In Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood, future humanity is revealed to have taken it upon themselves to "dance" with as many new life-forms as possible. The trope's poster boy is Captain Jack Harkness of the 51st century, who gets into serious trouble a few times in the 20th century just for being himself. Professor River Song also revels in the trope, having studied at a 52nd century university. He only appeared in Torchwood briefly, but let's not forget John Hart. Jack's ex-partner "in every way", 51th century too, and behaving consequently. Only the 51st century would think to develop lipstick as a weapon... for men, too. Actually, it was Jack Harkness who introduced it to John.

  • The BBC TV movie The Year of the Sex Olympics. Though actually about a lethal Reality TV show, the eponymous Sex Olympics is part of the Bread and Circuses used to keep the masses entertained in this future dystopia.

  • The Man in the High Castle: Berlin in the 1960s has developed a counterculture among the Nazi youth who indulge in casual sex and drug use. By contrast, the Nazi puppet state in the United States has a stronger emphasis on Stay in the Kitchen values.

  • Future Man: In the future, sex is apparently so casual that it's just for "re-charging" before you go into battle. While Wolf and Tiger both say their sterile, there is a plot point that they aren't immune to STDs. However Tiger does say that one of their comrades died from AIDS, perhaps due to all the casual sex. Prior to the last mission, there's an orgy.

  • The Outer Limits (1995): In "Lithia", Miranda casually comes on to Mercer, having sex with him without hesitation. Ariel later easily accedes to his seduction as well. It may be due to a looser attitude on sex, as with an all-female society, most of the STDs and unplanned pregnancies wouldn't be issues.

  • Defiance: Countless characters are in same-sex relationships, polyamorous relationships, or otherwise have lots of sex, and nobody bats an eye. Castithans don't even mind adulterous relationships, as long as it's men having them.

  • Brave New World: A dark version, in which the people of New London are more than just allowed to have casual sex with anybody they like, but strongly encouraged to, with monogamy being socially forbidden. Lenina is reprimanded as she's had sex with the same man 22 times in a row, rather than moving on to someone else. Citizens are often seen participating in public sex and orgies, while unlike the book this also extends to same-sex couplings. STDs don't appear to exist, as someone must have what viruses were explained.

  • Web Original Chakona Space seems to fit the description, at least as far as morphs and especially Chakats are concerned. And their human lovers usually learn to accept it, Admiral Boyce eventually has five wives (three cat-like aliens from two different species and two chakats). It was originally intended as a Star Trek fanfic. The Faleshkarti have the dystopian version, due to their biology. While they're emotionally mature and quite intelligent at a young age, sexual maturity makes them wildly horny. And loss of virginity makes them stupid until they get pregnant. Therefore, once they're sexually mature, they're doing their damnedest to get knocked up.

  • The online adult science fiction novel A Perfect World by Al Steiner depicts a future where all STDs have been eliminated, people are infertile until they decide they want to procreate (at which point they just go to the doctor and tell them they want their fertility activated), and open attitudes toward sex are the norm. As a result it's very common for people to "get acquainted with each other" by having sexual relations (sex in public places is legal, and nobody even bats an eye when it happens), and monogamy is considered a primitive and outdated concept.

  • The world of Faeophobia is this due to the return of the Fae, supernatural beings from another world who are eager to interbreed with humans. Magic-fulled public orgies are fairly common.



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