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Where To Buy Lawn Sod !NEW!

Some sod providers offer a service in which you can bring in a small piece of your lawn for one of their sales associates to look at. They can examine the grass and tell you what the species is. After that, they can guide you in the process of ordering sod that will match your lawn.

where to buy lawn sod

If there is any grass at all already on your lawn, you must cut this grass using the lowest setting on your lawn mower. Once that is done, get rid of any large rocks and till the soil to a depth of about six inches.

The most effective time to lay down sod is in the early spring or early fall. This will give your sod the best chance to establish itself before the heat of summer. And remember to water your new lawn.

Although sod can offer a quick solution to your lawn woes, there are other options available, too. If your lawn looks patchy or lackluster, you might consider a professional lawn care service company.

While the look of a nice lawn is important to most homeowners, sod also provides an array of other benefits as well. With sod, you get a lawn in no time. Seeding a lawn may take several months to grow to maturity. During this time, any water or wind that hits the lawn can potentially cause large amounts of erosion, especially on hills.

After your sod supplier delivers your new lawn, you will want to get started installing it right away. Some sod farms provide installation services as part of their sod services. While you can install sod yourself, you can also hire a professional landscaping or lawn care company to install the sod for you. Hiring a professional can help you save time as well as ensure your new lawn is installed properly.

Sod prices are highly dependent on the type of grass you choose, as well as your location. Certain types of grasses will cost less than others. Sod is often priced per square foot, though sometimes you can purchase it in large rolls or pallets, depending on the size of your lawn. Below is a breakdown of some of the most popular types of grass for sod and the national average price per square foot.

You may be able to save some money by purchasing your sod for larger lawns in pallets. For example, Bermuda grass is one of the most expensive sods. If purchased in a pallet, the price is about $150 per pallet. Pallets generally hold 450 square feet of sod, so your price per square foot would be about $0.33, or $0.07 less than the lower end of the price range when bought per square foot.

Once your soil is tested and prepped for sod, your sod supplier will deliver your new lawn, usually in rolls. Professional lawn services install sod year-round, provided that the ground is not frozen or too wet to install. For existing yards that have bare patches, sod can be installed in the patchy areas.

Professional sod installation or lawn care services like overseeding can cost a bit more upfront but will save you a lot of time and back-breaking labor. We recommend hiring a professional for sod installation.

Though sod has its advantages, grass grown from seed can have the same thick, luscious look as a sodded yard. We recommend looking into a lawn care service that includes overseeding to take care of patchy areas or new sections of your lawn.

While TruGreen does not provide sod installation services, they do provide expert overseeding and other many other important lawn care services. Its highly-trained specialists help you achieve the lawn you want without the hassle and expense of trying to locate sod nearby.

Contact TruGreen to learn more about their over-seeding and grass-seeding programs that can transform your lawn without the expense of sod installation. Get a free quote by giving them a call at 1-866-817-2172 or filling out their online form.

First, determine which type of grass is best for your yard. If you want the sod to match your grass, you have to know which species you have. Narrow it down by your location and the amount of sun the grass gets and see if your grass looks the same. If you can't identify your grass, dig up a small piece and bring it to a Lowe's store where Garden Center associates can help you.

There are several methods to kill the existing grass: smother it with compost, apply nonselective herbicide or cover it in plastic sheeting. Killing the lawn with compost is the option that most benefits the future lawn since it adds valuable microorganisms to the soil.

First, remove rocks, then till the dirt six inches deep, being sure that the surface of the soil is about an inch below the surrounding surfaces, which will keep the lawn level. Use a garden rake to break up the soil, then test the soil and incorporate soil amendments as needed. Rake out the tilled soil and amendments to smooth it, sloping it gently away from buildings or structures.

Once the sod arrives, start unrolling it along a straight edge on your lawn. Unroll one piece at a time, end to end, and avoid walking on pieces of sod as you're laying new ones down. Pack the sod into place and make sure there aren't air pockets between the sod and soil, which will prevent the sod from taking root. Make sure the edges are tightly butted up against each other, avoiding any gaps or overlaps. You can stretch the sod slightly.

After you finish with the first row, go back to the first piece of sod you put down. Using an edger or shovel, cut a piece of sod in half lengthwise and start the second row. This will stagger the joints like bricks, which makes your sod lawn look more natural and prevents water from running off down the seams. Make all cuts as clean as possible to prevent the sod from drying out. Continue laying out pieces of sod.

Water the sod thoroughly. Continue to water the sod daily for the first week unless it rains. During the second week, water your lawn every other day, and during the third week, water it twice. By the fourth week, make sure your lawn gets an inch of water through irrigation or rainfall.

Several factors determine whether you should use sod grass or grass seed when planting your lawn. Most people use grass seeds, but sod might be right for you if you're looking for certain qualities in your new lawn.

Time: Sod produces a green lawn much faster than seed. With sod, you can have a new lawn or fix a few spots where the grass has died with a day or two of work. After two weeks of watering, a properly installed sod lawn will be rooted and ready to go. Seed takes longer to grow; depending on the species of grass and weather conditions, seeds can take between a week to a month to begin growing, and they require regular watering throughout. Once the seeds start growing, it can take several additional weeks for the grass to grow tall enough to be mowed.

Labor: Both sod and seed require work. Installing a sod lawn requires preparation, proper installation and diligent watering. Starting a lawn with grass seed also requires preparation and maintenance, but errors along the way are less expensive.

Erosion Control: Sod resists erosion better than grass seed. Frequent, heavy rainfall during the spring, the ideal season to plant grass seed, can wash away lightweight grass seeds. This will leave your lawn looking patchy and irregular, and fixing it requires replanting. Use sod in these conditions to ensure a thick layer of grass. Additionally, consider using sod on hills to curb erosion. If it's installed on hills with proper care, it can be rooted in the existing soil in about two weeks.

To install these plugs, dig holes big enough for the plugs in a grid pattern 12 inches apart from the edges and 15 inches from the centers. Put the plugs into the holes and firmly press lawn soil over the roots. Water frequently and mow when the grass is three inches tall.

If you want a thick, healthy lawn, nothing beats our sod for instant gratification. You are basically buying time. While sodding may be more expensive than seeding, sod only takes a few weeks to establish itself, while seeding may take years before it develops to a comparable lawn. At Victory Greens, we take great pride in providing only the highest quality turf grass. It may not be the least expensive sod on the market, but because of our, Best Price Guarantee; our price cannot be beat! Also, We deliver! 041b061a72


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