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Chiddy Bang The Preview Zip [REPACK]

I hope anyone who follows this column doesn't mind this series about my four-day trip to the Isle of Youth, because I've still got a way to go. Last week's story ended with this reporter heading to the Cuban boondocks with eight cubans and a Pekingese named 'Harold' in a really, really old truck with rum, beer and snacks. Alexi, the driver, like many men his age, had served with the Cuban army during the conflict in Angola in the 1980s. And while I have no idea what he did militarily, my money says he was a tank driver. As we rolled up on the military checkpoint, he shut the thing down that made sounds reminiscent of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Squeaks and squeals were punctuated with the hissing of air brakes and an occasion "whiz-bang-zing."

chiddy bang the preview zip



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