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Bloons TD 6 APK - Hilesiz ve Ücretsiz Oyna

The game is similar to all the previous versions where the monkeys will have to pop the Bloons. This new version has come up with new mechanics like Purple Bloons, a new MOAB-Class Bloon, brand new hero towers, tier upgrades of the 5th level, etc. Purple bloons have a new property as they are resistant to plasma, fire, and energy weapons. Fortified Bloons are now more robust as compared to their counterparts.

In this game, you are trusted with the task of defending a territory using monkey towers. You have to secure the monkey territory from the attack of the terrible bloons (ballons-like creatures) by strategically placing different monkeys in their way. The game is in 3D graphics and the matches are designed to last for quite some time. The main focus is to craft the best combination of monkeys, artillery, and Heroes to pop as many bloons as possible. Upgrades and special abilities can also be activated.

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Playing BTD6 will give you access to several kinds of monkeys, with different abilities and skills. Each one will have its own strength and weakness. The stronger, the more expensive is the monkey. Monkeys are your main resource against the evil bloons. The more bloons they pop, the more experience they get to later enhance their abilities. This way, you can develop your strategy and plan, so be smart.

Each monkey type can be upgraded, featuring 3 paths of improvement. Each upgrade cost experience, which is collected by pop bloons. Do not forget to apply the upgrades to the actual monkey in the game (They are not automatic). The application requires payment by in-game money, which you see in the upper part of the game screen. This currency is different from monkey money, a dollar-like currency that costs real dollars. If your in-game money reserve is depleted, you can sell your placed monkeys for money. If your strategy urges for purchasing an expensive monkey, so go ahead and sacrifice your pawns. When setting a new game in Bloons TD 6, you are offered the possibility to chose among different maps. They are divided into four levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. The higher levels must be unblocked by your progress through the game.

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Playing single against the bloons is not the only way of enjoying BTD 6. Since July 2019, the game also offers you the possibility of cooperative games online. In this modality, you will join other players to build and defend your monkey towers. Each player is assigned to a quadrant on the map. Since there are 3 players in the Bloons TD co-op mode, a quadrant remains common for every player. Except for this one, each player can only place their monkeys and other units in their assigned quadrants.

The game mechanics work similarly to the single-player mode. You have to place the monkeys in the most optimal place so they can pop as many bloons. Survive each round, and your cooperation will have worked.

You will not use only monkeys during the game. To diversify your defenses, you can access different artillery machines such as the Tack Shooter (a 360-degree dart shooter), the Banana Farm (whose banana production can be converted into money), and the Spike Farm. The Tack Shooter is the most basic non-money asset. It is best used in places where the bloons delay a little. Its weakness is the low-range, which can be compensated by strategically placing it close to curves or crossroads. Make sure you invest in its shooting speed and forget about range (it is not its specialty anyway). The most interesting asset in this category is the Monkey Village. Through it, you can develop the whole monkey society and extract many advantages for your defense against the bloons. With this asset, you can set a Monkey Intelligence Bureau, increase your monkey's knowledge level, and even develop its economy so the Monkey City can thrive.

When building your strategy, you have to mind every kind of bloons you will face. They come in different shapes and sizes, with diverse specialties. The red, blue, green, and yellow bloons are the lesser kind.

Many bloons are hidden inside each other. Often stronger types breed lesser ones when poped. The Rainbow bloon is the greatest menace in this category. Incredibly fast, it spawns lesser bloons that, in their turn, also spawns lesser bloons and so on. In total, 47 bloons are spawned for each Rainbow bloon, so beware! Particularly resilient are the Black and the White kind of bloons. While the first one is resident to explosions, the other is immune to freezing. There is even a mixed version of them, the Zebra bloons, combining those both advantages.

Of course, we could not forget the MOAB Class bloons, the zeppelin likes foes you will face in Bloons TD 6. The acronym stands for Massive Ordinary Air Blimp, and it was made up for the game.

The MOAB Class are the hardest to stop, although they tend to be slower. They also spawn weaker bloons when destroyed. The regular MOAB Bloon is the blue one In BTD6, you will find the following variations:

It does not take long to level up in Bloons TD 6, especially because the game is designed for you to spend several hours in it. You will gain a high level before you notice. But generally, the player gains level very quickly. The more bloons your legions of monkeys pop, the more you level up. Reaching higher levels will grant you access to new kinds of monkeys, heroes, and even monkey money.

To gather more resources for your strategies, you may also purchase special powers for your monkeys. The most popular power that can be purchased is the MOAB Mine, an explosive that selectively targets MOAB-Class bloons. Thus, this is an essential card you get to have on your sleeve. As the vast majority of mobile games of today, BTD6 allows you to fulfill the different tasks and to accumulate achievements. Each achievement comes with valuable rewards to improve your monkey assets. There is a huge list of those tasks, enough to keep you busy for a long time.

6. Stop the bloons: The goal of the game is to stop the bloons from reaching the end of the path. Use your towers and hero character abilities to defeat the bloons and prevent them from passing through.

As expected with any free purchase game, the core mechanics involve building different types of towers to pop attacking bloons before they reach your base. However, what sets duration resets apart from other onsent legitimate games are its Heroes mechanics as well as upgrade paths for towers.

Bloons Td 6 Mod Apk is a strategy game in which you will see a lot of monkeys who are trying to protect their Towers that have been created by them from the harmful bloons that are thrown by their enemies.

In the game Bloons TD 6, players will fight against the onslaught of floating balls (bloons) by building defensive towers and using tactics to stop them. This game has many different levels, each level has increasing difficulty and requires players to use their strategies and skills to win.

Bloons TD 6 Game APK gives players a variety of options to customize the game, including choosing a game mode and configuring other factors such as difficulty, number of bloons, and tower defense. In addition, this game also has a new tower unlocking and upgrade system so that players can improve their defenses.

In the game, players will go through many different levels, from easy to difficult levels, and use different defensive towers to defeat the attack of bloons. Defensive towers can be upgraded and customized to increase defense power and effectiveness.

In addition, Bloons TD 6 APK also has new features such as "Hero" mode that allows players to use special characters to defeat bloons, and challenging game modes with special conditions like " Chimps" (cannot use help from other players) and "Apopalypse" (all bloons appear at once).

The effects and visuals are exquisitely designed, from the bloons exploding when defeated to the special features of the defensive towers. This makes the game more attractive and attracts players to the game.

Players start the game with some money and experience points, use them to build defensive towers and upgrade them to increase defense power and effectiveness. Each tower defense has its own special features and abilities, and the player must make strategic decisions to defeat the bloons.

The bloons will be classified by color and different levels, from easy to difficult, and will move through different paths on the map. Players must strategically arrange defensive towers to defeat the bloons before they reach the finish line. If a bloon crosses the finish line, the player loses a life. If all lives are lost, the game is over.

In Bloons TD 6 APK, players can also use special skills and characters to help with defense. For example, characters like Quincy, Gwendolin, and Striker Jones have special skills to defeat bloons. In addition, other special features such as bullet tables, explosive bombs and ice are also available to help with defense.

The game has many different game modes, from single player mode to online multiplayer mode. Players can also play challenging game modes to test their skills, with special conditions such as "Chimps" (cannot use help from other players) and "Apopalypse" (all bloons appear at the same time).


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