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APK Maker: How to Build Your Own Create 017 APK File Without Coding

Colluding apps bypass the security measures enforced by sandboxed operating systems such as Android. App collusion can be a real threat in cloud environments as well. Research in detecting and protecting against app collusion requires a variety of colluding apps for experimentation. Presently the number of (real or manually crafted) apps available to researchers is very limited. In this paper we propose a system called Application Collusion Engine (ACE) to automatically generate combinations of colluding and non-colluding Android apps to help researchers fairly evaluate different collusion detection and protection methods. Our initial implementation includes a variety of components that enable the system to create more than 5,000 different colluding and non-colluding app sets. ACE can be extended with more functional components to create even more colluding apps. To show the usefulness of our system, we have applied different risk evaluation and collusion detection methods to the created set of colluding apps.

This paper aims to meet the need a practical set of colluding apps for research. Our system called Collusion Application Engine (ACE) is capable of automatically generating multiple colluding app sets with a variety depending on the configuration of app component templates and code snippets. ACE can be extended with new app components and code blocks to create a greater variety of new colluding app sets, if needed. In this way, it is easy to create substantial app sets (colluding and non colluding) for experimentation avoiding the need for a great deal of manual programming effort. The source code of ACE, as well as an initial set of 240 apps are available upon request from the authors.Footnote 1

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The remainder of this paper is structured as follows. Section 2 describes previous efforts of other researchers in exploring colluding apps. Section 3 describes the methodology underlying ACE and how it can generate thousands of different app sets. Section 4 shows the validation process followed to test the apps created by ACE. Finally, Sect. 5 presents our conclusions and future directions for research.

ACE is composed by two main components: the Colluding Set Engine and the Application Engine (Fig. 1). In a nutshell, the Colluding Set Engine tells the Application Engine how it should create apps in order to collude. The Colluding Set Engine reads collusion description files from the Collusion Template database and, using the App template database generates a set of application description files. The Application Engine reads the app description files passed by the Collusion Set Engine; it fetches the necessary payloads from the Code Snippet and Component Templates databases and builds the app files, producing a signed apk file for each app of the colluding set.

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