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Dirty Girl: The State Sanctioned Murder Of Brothel Madam Shirley Finn Juliet Wills !!BETTER!!

Juliet Wills has choppered into crocodile breeding grounds, been chased by rioting armed gangs, and jumped from a civilian plane with the 13th load at 13,000 feet on Friday the 13th. She has also pursued the story of brothel madam Shirley Finn's state-sanctioned murder with fearless obstinacy. Born in Sydney, Juliet has lived and worked throughout Australia. She has been awarded for her Excellence in Television Journalism, written for major newspapers, and lectured in broadcast journalism at two universities. The mother of three lives in Perth and now works in real estate.

Dirty Girl: The State Sanctioned Murder of Brothel Madam Shirley Finn Juliet Wills

This is a shocking book. As the cover proclaims, it is all about what is alleged to be a -state sanctioned murder-. Perhaps we might expect such allegations to involve tales of intrigue or dirty dealings in some obscure part of a foreign country many years ago. Instead, it involves the relatively recent activities of the police and associated agencies in Perth, Western Australia in the 1970s. 350c69d7ab


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