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NewWay Menu 1.3.1

According to Nintendo, update 1.3.1 addresses a problem in The Master Trials DLC, which caused players not to receive credit when defeating certain enemies for Kilton on Master Mode. Additionally, the developer has patched in a new item distribution method.

NewWay Menu 1.3.1

The new system allows players to obtain in-game items by launching the software from specific articles on the new News Channel on the Switch's Home menu. Although the update is now available to download, the channel will not be available until August 9th at the earliest.

Take your personal look file, rename it tolook.your-name and post it to your friends. They can put it indesktop/looks and select it in the start menu to easily get theappearance of your desktop without losing their own menus,configuration or bindings.

Backgrounds are put in the directory/gnustep/Library/AfterStep/desktop/backgrounds. Put the pictureyou want there and when you restart AfterStep, theDesktop/Backgrounds/Pictures menu will contain this option. Ofcourse, if you select it, AfterStep will remember it for the nextsession, just like colors (in desktop/colors) and lookfiles.

An included patchedrxvt calledxiterm allows pictures to bedisplayed in the background with Offix DnD compatibility (just likethe Wharf). Select a file in xfm,drag it to xiterm, and its name will appear on the command lineyou're typing. It's lighter than xterm, supports color and will bemore linked with AfterStep in version 1.3.2, becoming a standardpart of its GUI, like title bars, Wharf and Pager. Configure-timeoptions are made via menuconfig(just like the Linux kernel); this will also be true for futureversions of AfterStep.

As you have learned in this article, AfterStep is stronglylinked to the FVWM family but is no longer restricted to NeXT GUIemulation. Before moving to totally new concepts, we're firsttrying to put in all the nice features that already exist withoutmaking AfterStep hard to use. I hope you'll find 1.3.1 as simple touse as I think it is. But remember, if you think of a missingoption, code it and send in the patch. With look files and otherconfiguration files, AfterStep can turn into anything you want itto be.

Gaea 1.3 features over 110 new quickstarts that show various aspects of terrain design, including texturing techniques, economy of nodes, and more. The new Start experience lets you browse through these quickstarts through categorical menus and a search box.

Want to show off your cool new terrain, or give a full 360 degree view to your art director for proper evaluation? Try the new Turntable Animator. It can be accessed from the menu in the Build tab in the main Gaea sidebar.

The core functionality is available in the Production Ready build of Gaea 1.3, however, it is not fully battle-tested and is not considered production ready. It will undergo improvements over the next few weeks. Additional convenience features will also be added in the 1.3.1 update in March. Further details here.

In relation to the department's fifth priority of strengthened services to Canadians, including consular, passport and global commercial activities, the leading achievements included a revision of the service menu offered by the Trade Commissioner Service to better reflect the trade environment in which Canadian companies compete; opening of a new TCS satellite office inQuebec City; development of new tools and provision of training to trade commissioners to support Canadian companies making international investments; start of a pilot project for a new, sector-focused model for delivery of TCS services to Canadian companies; production of six country/regional financing guides for high-risk markets; strengthening of service delivery to softwood lumberexporters through improvements to the Export Import Controls System; and continued deployment of TRIO, an electronic system for managing client and contact information, to TCS employees. 041b061a72


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