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Chessbase 9 Serial 16

The program was working fine for the first week or so. Now I frequently get the message, "info: your serial number is not valid" and the entire chessbase program just shuts down." At least it asks me if I want to save before it shuts down.

Chessbase 9 Serial 16

I'm hoping I get a similar remedy. Thing is, this problem is with the chessbase application on my computer rather than with, and I haven't found any way to enter a serial number in the chessbase application itself. If I had a way, I'd re-enter my serial number to see if that helps.

Anyone know a way to enter the serial number in the chessbase 9 application itself? I know in chessbase light demo, you are asked for an SN every time you try to do something, because it's just the demo until you buy a license. But in CB 9, I've never seen a way to enter the SN.

If a serial number is not already present in the text boxes type the number that you received with the program. The serial number can be used to install the program on a maximum of three computers. If you want to install the program on a new computer, or you want to re-install your operating system, you should first deactivate the current registration online. 350c69d7ab


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